Huntington Learning Center Franchise Consultant for Cleveland OH


Caring, qualified and committed to your child’s success. Every tutor at Huntington Learning Center is here because they love helping children succeed. When you bring your child in for a session, you’ll see the constant encouragement and positive reinforcement that our educators have used with students for more than 30 years.

You can be assured that your child’s tutor is professional, caring and qualified to raise your child’s grades in any subject. All of our tutors are certified and college-educated, with many holding teaching certifications and master’s degrees. In addition to the intensive training they must complete to become a Huntington educator, our tutors undergo ongoing monthly trainings on Huntington teaching methods and our highly developed curriculum.

We do more than improve grades. We improve lives. Huntington Learning Center gives your child the kind of one-to-one attention he or she needs to catch up quickly and stay ahead in the future. With diagnostic testing and personalized learning programs, children get precisely the help they need at Huntington Learning Center. Our certified, highly trained tutors do more than fill children with knowledge. They teach them how to think, learn and, ultimately, how to succeed on their own.


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